Wood Carvers/ Carpenters

Wood Carvers/ Carpenters

The course for carpentry and wood carving included both theoretical classes (1 day/week) and practical trainings (4 days/week), as well as a one day of excursion to a wood processing plant.

The following skills were taught in the carpentry curriculum:

- How to prepare, treat, store and maintain different types of wood, and what types of wood should be used for which purposes.

- Different tools and how to use them, including work safety measures and first aid.

- How to build a window frame and shutters, a door, a wooden floor, a cupboard in an interior wall, a broken interior gallery or fence, a wooden staircase, an interior balcony resting on poles or a wooden construction (tataposh), and a traditional wood ceiling of a Gjirokastra house, including decorative frames and fillets.

- How to carve a relief (including a rosette), a broken decorative arch, and a broken gallery.

- Design of floral and geometric decorations, traditional ornaments, and the creation of models from clay.

- Basic drawing, including geometry, perspective, proportion, etc.

Theoretical classes included the following subjects:

  • - The built heritage of Gjirokastra and the use of wood in Gjirokastra houses (floors, windows, doors, ornaments, ceilings, roof structure, outer sustainers, etc.)
  • - Structure of the Gjirokastra roof (wooden support structure).
  • - Types of trees and wood, their qualities and usages.