GCDO’s sister organizations:

The International Centre for Albanian Archaeology; http://www.icaa.org.al/
The Butrint Foundation, www.butrintfoundation.co.uk
The Rescue Archaeology Unit; http://www.gshash.org/
The Future of Albania’s Past: http://www.archaeofoap.org.al/

Partner Organizations:

Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports; http://www.mtkrs.gov.al/
Institute of Monuments of Culture; http://www.imk.gov.al/
Municipality of Gjirokastra (not available yet)
Cultural Heritage without Borders; www.chwb.org
UNDP Albania; www.undp.org.al
The Albanian Confederate of Artisans; www.kash-alb.org
Peace Corps Volunteer Program, Albania; www.peacecorps.gov
USAID/EDEM; http://albania.usaid.gov
Archaeological Park of Butrint; http://www.butrint.com/
Archaeological Park of Antigonea; http://antigonea.com
University “Eqerem Çabej”of Gjirokastra; http://www.uogj.edu.al/