The Artisan Center is a shop in Gjirokastra's Old Bazaar area that features authentic Albanian handicrafts. It opened May 2007.
Supported by the Gjirokastra Conservation and Development Organization (GCDO) and KASH (Albanian Artisan Confederation), it aims to safeguard and highlight the local crafts culture and traditions. It features 450 products created by 45 artisans from Gjirokastra and various regions of Albania.
The Artisan Center is part of a larger GCDO project, the Artisan Incubator. It will provide education and training to the next generation. Their production will also provide financial support for the sustainability of the Center.
On display and for sale at the Center are items that showcase skills such as carving (wood and stone), metalwork (iron, silver and copper), weaving, textiles, mosaics, painting, drawing and needlework.
The goal of the Artisan Center and Incubator is to encourage local people to develop traditional craft and marketing skills.  These are important resources in the drive to promotion tourism.  The project will support community classes, internships and demonstrations, seeking sponsorship from the burgeoning tourist sector.