The Old Bazar Travel and Tour Agency welcomes you to Gjirokastra!

Our mission is to provide every tourist with the best services available for an engaging and rich experience of the cultural and historical heritage of Gjirokastra.  These services include guided tour packages, plane tickets, transportation and accommodation arrangements for groups of tourists and individual travelers.  Our agency is happy to design a tour especially for you according to your schedule and interests.  We are proud to be the first travel and tour agency in Gjirokastra’s old town.

Our agency is located in the center of the historical town of Gjirokastra, the Bazaar Quarter, and is housed in a traditional building.  This is the family business of Marinela and Fredi Qirjaqi who have reconstructed the building in order to preserve its historical importance.   We also have the expertise of Professor Vladimir Qirjaqi, an archaeologist and former Director of the Institute of Cultural Monuments in Gjirokastra who has collaborated in over 15 archaeological expeditions in southern Albania.  As we are originally from Gjirokastra we and our guides know the town and region well and are delighted to reveal its stories to you.


Advantages of Using Old Bazar Travel and Tours

Most of the interesting destinations in the region around Gjirokastra cannot be accessed by the typical taxi because the roads are difficult – we have the vehicles to take you there in comfort!

Many sites have little or no detailed information available to explain their history and significance – we have done the research and have the best guided tours in southern Albania!

We can provide you an easy and fun way to experience southern Albania in a language that you understand– leave the arrangements to us and we will take care of everything!

Trust us to show you the best of Gjirokastra and the region!

How to Arrange Your Old Bazar Guided Tour

Send us an email to with the following information: 

  • Your name
  • The number of people in your party
  • The tour package(s) you want
  • The language you want the tour to be in
  • The date and time you want them
  • Any physical or dietary limitations or preferences that we should accommodate

We will reply with the price for your tour and will look forward to your reply regarding whether you want to make a reservation.  Please pay for your tour(s) at the Old Bazar Travel and Tour Agency office before the tour begins.  We accept cash only, Albanian lek and euros.

If you want us to we can also arrange a hotel for your stay in Gjirokastra by using our complimentary Concierge Service.
Browse the Hotels section of this website and make your choice or we can recommend a hotel for you. 
Simply let us know how many nights you want to stay in Gjirokastra and how much you would like to spend per night,
and we will confirm your reservation by return email. 
This service is provided with our compliments and is free of charge.

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Location of the Old Bazar Travel and Tour Agency

The Old Bazar Travel and Tour Agency is located on the Castle Road just a few steps from the Neck of the Bazaar in Gjirokastra’s Old Town.
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Office Hours of Operation

Year round, 0900 to 1700 daily
Tours can be arranged at any time

Free Products and Services

Concierge Service, providing assistance with accommodations and other arrangements with businesses in Gjirokastra.  You can use this service before you arrive via email or just drop in when you arrive in Gjirokastra.


Tours are available in Albanian, English, Italian and Greek

Contact the Old Bazar Travel and Tour Agency

By email:
By landline phone:  355 84 68899
By cellular phone:  355 69 223 8549