Dropull Region

All the villages inhabited by the Greek minority population are situated to the west of the National Road leading south to the Greek border at Kakavia.  The road to the border is only 31 kilometres long and passes the well-known village of Lazarat, which hosts the 18th-century Tekke (lodge) of Father Zenel, a well-known Bektashi Dervish.
Driving south, on your right you will see the villages of Derviçan, Goranxi, and Sofratikë, all perched, like Gjirokastra, on the side of the valley. Some other villages of the region are: Bullarat, Dhuvjan, Glinë, Jorgucat, Peshkëpi, Sotirë and Zervat.

The recently restored 18th-century church, St Anna, is the main church in the village.  Used as a warehouse in communist times, it is located above the modern settlement on a plateau of higher ground which was the site of the original 15th-century village.  The Church of Burimi Jetëdhënës (Life-giving Spring), not far from the Church of St. Anna, was built in the same period.  Another important piece of the local architectural heritage is the 17th-century house of Zaharo Sterjo built entirely of stone using a special technique characterized by “covers” laid out on top of one another, without mortar.  It is related in style to the Gjirokastra dwelling houses.