From Gjirokastra the journey will take up to 30 min drive.

Driving South from Gjirokastra to Kakavija after 15 km, take the signposted road to the east across the valley, this takes you directly to the town.

Libohova is dominated by an impressive fortress.  In addition, it has a pleasant and leafy main street with extensive views looking west across the Drino valley.  Libohova is nestled at the foot of the Bureto Mountain. The archaeological evidence indicates a very ancient settlement, which reached its zenith in the 17th-century. It is the home of a well-known Albanian noble family who share their name with the town.  Prior to the communist era they held considerable sway over the country’s politics.

The castle is a substantial fortress with four polygonal corner towers and a curtain wall surrounding a wide courtyard.  The sister of Ali Pasha of Tepelenë, Shanica, married one of the most important members of the Libohova family and the castle was the dowry that Ali Pasha presented to her. It is possible to visit the grave of Ali Pasha’s sister; you will need to ask in the town for directions.

In the centre of the town there is a beautiful old plane tree, with a bar-restaurant nearby that provides a very pleasant place for refreshments.  Also, in the centre is the house of Myfit Bey Libohova (1876–1927), a renowned politician, the first Minister of Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs serving on the new Albanian Government of 1912.  The building can be easily identified, as it is bigger and rather more impressive than the rest of the neighborhood.