Blue Eye

From Gjirokastra will take up to 35 min drive.

Lead south, towards Kakavia, and take the right turn at Jergucati and follow this road over the mountains. On the descent there is a choice of roads, both of which go to Saranda. The main road to the left, which follows the valley of the Bistrice River, is the best road. The other, in much poorer conditions, goes via the town of Delvina.

At the foot of the mountains is the source of the Bistrice River. At the head of the river there is a wonderful fresh water spring, known as the Blue Eye (Syri i Kaltër), where the clear blue water bubbles up from a stunning deep pool. It is well worth a visit.

Once there, take on the right after you go down from Muzina Pass, where you will see a table “Syri i kalter”.

No time schedule is set.

Entrance fees: 100 leke.