Tour 2 – Two Days

Enjoy tasting and cooking traditional Gjirokastra food

Day 1

Starting time 09.00

The city of Stone – Introduction to the great the history and heritage of Gjirokastra

Visit the Castle and the Gjirokastra Museum

Ancient handicrafts and artisan traditions of Gjirokastra

Meet artisans and handmade souvenir producers

Shop for personalized souvenirs in the Medieval Bazaar

Lunch in open air with a family

Traditional kitchen furniture and equipment

Visit Ethnographic Museum

How was life in the past – food storage and preparing food for winter

Visit the Ottoman-style tower house of Zekate and meet the family

The challenge of revitalization of traditional houses in effort to save the City of Stone

Visiting the Babameto House

Evening of entertainment and traditional dinner at the 19th century Babameto House

Tasting Gjirokastra exclusive dishes: qifqi and hoshaf
Cooking class
Dancing and singing traditional music together

Day 2

Starting time 08.00

A kitchen based on natural fresh products from countryside

Early morning shopping of fresh vegetables and fruits just harvested
In the open air market

Visiting a family and preparing soft cheese in home condition

Tradition of preparing food for winter

An extraordinary variety of the traditional costumes

Meet a senior artisan who works on costumes

Lunch from a traditional wood stove

Sipping traditional “coffee of stone” (ground in stone)
Learn three local recipes prepared for you
Take the written recipes home with you

Isolation and Paranoia under Communism

Visit to the Cold War Tunnel under the Castle
Visit the Armament’s Museum
Meet with two locals who tell their different stories about their lives under Communism

Introduction to the local drinks – the Gjirokastra afternoon tea with a family

Drink “Mountain tea”, Coofe of Stone (ground in stone) and dhalle (savory yougurt-based beverage)

Dinner made exclusive from a family’s garden in Karjan Village

Visit the Krisafi family’s garden
Choose your fresh vegetables for dinner in the family garden produce, fresh cheese and butter
Taste homemade raki (strong alcoholic distillation of grapes)
… and more

No of people: 5-12
Activity: 9 hours
Accommodation: Babameto House or similar. Traditional breakfast included
Price per pax 130 Eur