Gjirokastra Experiential Tours

The Experiential Tours are organised in the UNESCO city of Gjirokastra and in its surroundings

With its unique architecture and natural landscape, Gjirokastra – the “City of stone” is one of the richest and most interesting centers of heritage in Albania. the city and the surrounding region has the highest density of monuments in the country, an almost untouched nature, and a very interesting ethnographic expression of traditional culture, where eight ethnographic zones meet to produce a variety of living traditions passed down from one generation to the next.

With our 1, 3 or 7 days Gjirokastra Expetours, you can enjoy the region’s famous hospitality and dig deep into the local traditions and daily life of local people by spending time with families and communities. You can see local artisans at work in the medieval bazaar and learn from them how to produce personalized handicraft souvenirs. You can learn how to cook the unique local cuisine from families in traditional 200-year-old houses, learn polyphonic singing, and dance elegant traditional dances with local artists.

The Gjirokastra Expetours emphasizes different areas of indigenous life – gastronomy, culture, history, shopping, nature or social life; your interaction with the living traditions of the Gjirokastra region will contribute to the rediscovery of cultural traditions by the local population. By visiting us, you help Gjirokastra preserve its unique traditions !